Support the show

Here at Shonky Lab we love that you download the podcast and enjoy the show. We do it for free and until a TV or Radio station come-a-knocking we will continue that way.

But there are a number of ways you can support the show…..

You can visit the iTunes page and write us a review and rate us.


Every rate and review bumps us up a magical ladder so more people can find us and join in with the show.


Speaking of joining in, the Shonky Lab has a Facebook group where you are encouraged to join in with your views, topics, news stories and general banter.


You can purchase a Shonkette T-shirt for that special person…


They are available in many different shapes, styles and colours.

You can also buy us a tea (or coffee) with out funky donate button.


And Finally there is a Shonky Lab Wish List on Amazon. Bits for the Lab break sometimes. A wire will start crackling or we may need a new pop guard, we’ll be sticking them up here if you ever fancy helping out.


Many thanks for your time and interest.