Film List

This is a list of upcoming films that Elton & Pete will be reviewing, in the coming weeks, if you’d like to offer some feedback, comments or just do a big poo in a bag, and send it in…


1.) Watchmen (February 2012)
A tie in cast, with the graphic novel too.

2.)Sucker Punch(February 2012)
Pete’s seen it but wants to re-evaluate it after taking Jim Moon’s advise to ‘treat it as a musical’ and watch the extended version, on Blu Ray.

3.)Primer(March 2012)
Elton introduced Pete to this budget film. Everyone loves it, but nobody understands it. Hopefully, we’ll be breaking it open in this cast.


4.) Prometheus


Following the previous weeks Alien cast we’re revisiting Contact.


5.)The Thing

The ’82 and ’11 versions.


7.) 2012

We’re so sorry……..

8.) The Muppetts Christmas Carol

9.) Rubber


10.) The Devilship Pirates


11.) Dredd


12.) Fido


13.) Fight Club


14.) World War Z


15.) Rush