Episodes list

Hi Guys, these are (roughly) the list of subjects coming up in the following months… If you want to send us any feedback about these subjects, please feel free to send it along! shonkylab@gmail.com


2.)Shity Jobs


4.) Primer (Movie episode)

5.)Walking Dead (comic / tv series)

6.) Childhood T.V pilot one of : Streethawk / Airwolf / Knight Rider /


8.)Al Gore, An inconvenient truth (Movie episode)

9.)Body piercing and dodgy tattoos

10.)Sandwiches (Sorry that’s Eltons choice, I don’t know where we’re going to go with that! Pllllease send feedback, or it will be a 2 minute show! What’s your favourite sandwich?)

11.)Aliens (not the movie) and S.E.T.I

12.)Contact (Movie episodes)

13.)Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker

14.)Camping B.B.Q’s

15.)Video Games


17.) World war Z  the book.

18.) The Internet (has it made life better, life before it!)

19.)Most interesting / influential people of your life


21.)Bucket list

22.) Favourite Robots & (what they’ll do/what would we want them to do?)

23.)The X Files


25.) Game of Thrones

26.) Batman, the Dark Knight graphic novel

27.) Bionics in the future, would you have some implants?


29.) Sequels that ruined original films