THE Jack the Ripper tour

Jack the Ripper tour, London

    So, This week, I got to participate in a “Jack the Ripper” guided tour of the Whitechapel district, with my Good friend Vince, and his daughter, Holly. We’d been recommended that “The Jack the Ripper tour” was particularly good, so last sunday we headed down to old London town… Our guide for the […]

This 26 Pound 36,000 Calorie Gummy Python Will Probably Still Kill You


All I can say is I wouldn’t mind having a crack at eating it. Find the full article here. Many thanks to Glenn Kimberly for bringing to our attention in the Facebook Group

Favourite toys, supplemental.


Hey guys, here’s a few pics from this weeks ‘Toys’ episode… This is Chris Lancasters awesome Big Track… And Jim Moons ‘Stop Boris’ with a little video…   And this the one toy I always wanted from Star Wars…

Chris does it again! Walking Dead

Shonky Lab

Once again, the visual Poet Laureate has done it again, this time, with Walking Dead! Yes, in reality, if ever there were a zombie apocalypse, there’s a bloody good chance Elton and I would end up arguing about biscuits… Many thanks to the wonderful Chris Johnson for his wonderful contributions!

Walking dead graphic novel and pilot…


After our next episode, Primer,  we’ll be taking a look at the walking dead.   We’ll be looking at both the first Graphic novel collection, Days gone bye and the Pilot episode of the first series too.   If you’ve got anything you’d like to tell us about, either the graphic novel, the tv series as whole, or […]

Avengers and Plate glass windows


  So, during the last episode we discussed Tony Stark being thrown through a sheet of toughened glass. Which is ridiculous. Anyway, here’s the footage of friend of the show, James May, dropping a mini on a sheet of toughened glass… yeah, there’s no way you could a.)break the glass with a human body or […]

And the winner is… Lee


So, a couple of weeks ago, Elton set a competition for the best car tyre changing story, the winner was Mr Lee Medcalf. Please see the picture of him, almost looking happy. Well, in fairness, we only had 3 entrants, Chris was disqualified on the basis that it was only bike tyres, Lee ‘CartBozman’ was […]

Nazi Ghost…


The Shonky lab poster creator has done it again… This week, we’re talking Ghosts on the cast and Mr. Chris Johnson has come up with another great Steam Powered Nazi poster for our delectation… Yep. Still no argument, a zombie Nazi improves everything chick flick related!

We need your help!


Ok guys and gals, if you take a look at our ‘upcoming episodes’ page You’ll see we have a lot of spaces for our ‘movie’ review slots. So, we’d love it if you could suggest films that you’d like us to review. Send your film suggestion to and we might just add it to the […]

Saturn V launch vehicle


Hi Guys, If you listened to the spaceship episode (Find it here You will have heard me blabbering / gushing about the Saturn V launch vehicle. I thought I’d include a few pictures from our holiday to florida, along with a pic I gleaned from t’ interweb… Before you ask, no, my wife hadn’t been […]

Woooooooh, Woh, pretty Nazi

Pretty Nazi

More proof, that frankly, Zombi Nazis make chick flicks infinitely more watchable for us poor males, and it’s been noted, several of our female listeners too… alright, one of them, anyway… Many thanks to Mr. Chris Johnson for this awesome poster!

Chris Johnsons favourite Spaceships…


We’ve had a great email, from top Shonky Lab (shonkster / labster?) Chris Johnson… Here are his favourite space ships, and he mentions that he also had the same lego set as me, and that he LOVED it! Clearly a man of impeccable taste…   Pete …   Hello Pete and Elton, Here’s a list […]



This week, Elton and Pete are discussing their favourite Space ships… These reference photos and videos may help, with what we’re discussing… MB Starbird Lego model LL918 The Soyuz rocket: The Saturn 5 rocket, with people    

Hypnobobs – childhood monsters


This week, the formidable Mr. Jim Moon is doing a podcast on his Favourite childhood monsters… You can find the podcast here: The reason I mention it are two fold… Firstly, Jim always does an excellent podcast and if you’r not listening to it, you should. Secondly, this week several people have contributed with stories of their favourite childhood […]

Win Maryland cookies with SHONKY LAB!


That’s right, you heard correctly, this week, only with Shonky Lab, you can win a packet of coveted, gorgeous Maryland Cookies, a bit like these ones: “What do I have to do, to win this coveted prize?”, I hear you ask, well, quite simply we want to hear your manly tyre changing stories.  That’s it, […]

Three Men and a Zombie Nazi…

Three Men And A Zombie Nazi

    So, the (now) official Shonky Lab poster creator, Mr. Chris Johnson, has been at it again! This time re imagining that hilarious 80’s comedy ‘Three men and a baby’ Now we all remember this film as being well, frankly, one for the ladies. Utter emotional turd, only amusing to people who’d had a […]

Steam punk Nazis improve chick flicks?


So, in this months Shonkyhypnoblackdoglabbobs cast (download it here!) I remarked to my associate, Mr. Darren Barnard that in fact, yes steam powered Nazis would make watching all chick flicks significantly more bearable… He heartily agreed! Anyway, thanks to our favourite listener of the week, Mr. Chris Johnson, It turns out, that not only would it improve every chick flick […]

Steam Punk Corkscrew


  An inventor has come up with an unlikely success – a half tonne ‘steam punk’ corkscrew that sells for £100,000. Rob Higgs, 36, created the complex machine out of 300 pieces of metal he salvaged from scrapyards, skips and dumps. The steam punk-themed invention uncorks wine glasses and pours the drink straight into a […]

Tell me your Dreams…


Hello you lovely lot! So, after a heated and closely fought battle, the subject for our next podcast will be DREAMS, as chosen by you! So, to help us along, we’d like you to send us your dreams these can include. A dream you’ve had Your hopes and dreams Your favourite film with a dream […]

What should our next subject be?

Hello you lovely people. So, because and I are so indecisive we’ve decided to let you, our lovely listeners decide what we talk about next! Cast your vote here, the winning subject will be our topic in the next cast:

PRIMER Director Shane Carruth Working on the Time Travel Effects in Rian Johnson’s LOOPER


Shane Carruth made an astonishing debut in 2004 with Primer, a fine DIY example of hard (and I mean hard) science fiction.  He wrote, directed, starred, edited, and even composed the film for a reported $7000 budget.  Sadly, he doesn’t have a credit in the seven years since.  Carruth has another film in the works — rumored […]

Is Eltons new kettle pink?


There has been some debate recently, regarding Eltons new kettle. In the interest of scientific debate, as per the Shonky Lab ethos, we thought we’d hold a poll… So, what do you think… Is it pink?

Batman: Dead End…


  In episode 3 of  The Shonky Lab, I mentioned a short fan made Batman film, that for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of… Batman ‘Deadpool’ was going through my mind, but subsequently remembered it is Batman: Dead End! Batman: Dead End is a short film created by Sandy Collora who made this […]

The Creeps HD


If you want to join Pete wasting more time than you actually have available, the download the Creeps HD for your iPad or iPhone…!-hd/id364906949?mt=8 Yes, it’s pointless, yes, it’s frustrating, but frankly, you won’t be able to put it down!