Don your smoking jacket, pop on your slippers and reach for your pipe… Sit back and enjoy the feeling of being a ‘real man’.
Elton and Pete guide you through the topics of the day and movies of great interest that every discerning gentleman should be well informed on.

Both Pete and Elton share a love of Podcasts, Tea & James May and Shonky Lab is the place to find all of the above.

So what is Shonky Lab?

Way back in 2012 two chums got together in a room above a garage and pondered what to call their new podcast, a few ideas were already set out as to what they would record about but a name alluded them. After about an hour of ummmming and head scratching Elton pressed record and Shonky Lab was born.

But the question still stands, what is Shonky Lab? Well, it’s a podcast where Pete and Elton get together and talk about news, movies, TV shows and topics of the day. News is gathered from various sources around the internet, normally set on the lighter side of life. Every now and then the guys will review a movie/film be it just out of the cinema of one of the forgotten classics.

TV shows are also reviewed but normally in the form of the ongoing ‘Pilot episodes’ where the guys, and maybe a guest host or two, will chew the cud about the very first episode of the series (or season, depending where you come from).